Why You Need More Plant-Based Foods in Your Diet

Incorporating more plant-based foods in your diet doesn’t mean you need to be all-out vegan or vegetarian. It simply means that a good portion of the food you eat in a day comes from plants, rather than animal sources. There are so many reasons why you need more plant-based foods in your diet, but here are just a few!

Build a Stronger Immune System

A plant-based diet helps you build a stronger immune system because plants are full of nutrients that help to support it. According to MD Anderson, plants have vitamins and minerals that are essential to our body and cell function. They also have phytochemicals that help protect cells, and antioxidants that fight against free radicals which can damage cells. The nutrients that come from plants will help your cells function and keep your immune system at its best. These nutrients can also fight against inflammation, which will help you to stay healthy.

Strengthen Your Teeth

The vitamins and minerals that are in plant food can help strengthen your teeth. Many plant foods have calcium, which is a nutrient that helps to strengthen your enamel and gives you strong teeth. Examples of foods with calcium are beans, broccoli, and kale. To help your body absorb calcium, you also need vitamin D, which comes from things like fortified cereals, portabella mushrooms, and the sun. Other vitamins can help to keep the acid low in your mouth and prevent your mouth from being dry, which all contribute to you having a healthy mouth and teeth. According to Maccaro Pediatric Dentistry, eating crunchy vegetables and fibrous fruits can help keep your teeth clean.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

According to Plant-Based Health Professionals, having more plant-based foods in your diet can help you to maintain a healthy body weight. Plant-based foods are lower in energy density. This means that they have less calories per volume while also being high in vitamins and minerals. So you can eat more food and get more nutrients while keeping your calories low. Plant-based foods also have more fiber which helps you feel fuller and have healthy digestion. Plant-based foods included in your diet will help you feel satisfied without needing a ton of food.

Among other things, having more plant-based foods in your diet can help you have a stronger immune system, strengthen your teeth, and help you maintain a healthy weight. Plant-based foods and meals can also be very satisfying if assembled or cooked correctly! Start experimenting with more greens and fruits to create a well-rounded diet.

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