Real. Natural. Experience.

Our mouth-watering artisan butters begin with real cream. This cream is at the heart of everything we do - allowing our customers to enjoy more than a food, but also an experience.

Our butters and spreads bring to mind simpler times:  muffins made with fresh picked blueberries on a summer morning, your bare feet in cool, wet grass. Or Christmas Eve by the fire and the sweet smell of a balsam fir.

Natural, real cream butter is itself a treat, but we take things to the next level by adding top-quality ingredients in the creation of simple, yet unique flavors. We use virgin coconut oil, berries, fresh herbs and spices. All-natural, fresh, real food...always.

Our sweet strawberry butter pairs perfectly with hot biscuits and afternoon tea. Up for something with a little more kick? Try Brandy Soaked Bordeaux Cherry or Sriracha Shallot & Scallion.

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Ingredients selected with intention.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods around. 

Coconut oil is made almost entirely of fatty acids, most of which are saturated fats. However, these are not your typical saturated fats. These fats are called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), which means they are fatty acids of medium length and are metabolized more efficiently than other fats. The coconut oil we use in our butter is organic and because of the MCTs, contains only half the number of saturated fats as other grocery store butters.

Coconut oil is digested quickly and gives a great boost of energy. It also helps you feel full and satisfied longer. Some studies show - counter to what you may have heard about fatty foods - that coconut oil is good for the heart and naturally lowers bad cholesterol.

We use virgin, refined and naturally filtered coconut oil which is neutral in taste and doesn't get in the way of Chattanooga Butter's incredible flavor.

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Saturated Fats:

Saturated fats have a bad reputation, but they are actually vital to a well-rounded, healthy diet. When consumed in moderation, they can help you lose weight. Depending on how the food source was fed (i.e. grass fed cows), saturated fats from dairy products can be quite rich with vitamins and minerals.

Our cream comes from grass fed cows, making the saturated fats pure and nutrient-rich. The coconut oil we add to our butter boosts the health benefits even further.

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Trans Fats and Partially Hydrogenated Oils:

There are zero trans fats and no partially hydrogenated oils in our butters.

By definition, trans fats are created when food is industrially processed and hydrogen is added to vegetable oils to make them solid. On the ingredients lists, this will be show up as “partially hydrogenated oils," which are extremely difficult for the body to digest, and have been heavily linked with cardiovascular disease, obesity, and other serious health conditions. This is the ingredient that allows an ice cream sandwich or a "frozen milkshake" from certain fast food restaurants to sit on your front porch in broad daylight and not melt. It's not natural, and it's not good for you. You will never find anything unnatural on our ingredients lists! We don't want to consume something like that, and we certainly won't encourage you to either!

Since our butters are 100% natural and our fruits & spices are organic, they are free of any industrialized toxins common to processed foods.

Farm Fresh - A Difference You Can Taste:

We source many ingredients for our various spreads from local or neighboring state farms when possible. They are grown and harvested the old fashioned way, from nearby farms, to our kitchen, to your family dinner table! Real food tastes better. It's better for you too!

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Unbleached & Unrefined Turbinado Sugar Cane:

Natural sugar grains have a brown transparent appearance. White sugar grains are bleached, which strips them of key nutrients. Our turbinado sugar is organic, unbleached and pure.


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