The Chattanooga Butter Company - Buy Coconut Oil Blended, Fruit Infused Butters!

Our Inspiration

We stopped by a small Kentucky diner where they served homemade butter with the dinner rolls. It was kind of mind-blowing, how the simplicity of good bread and real butter made the meal more memorable. It was Mom and Pop Southern cooking at its best. We were hooked!

Over that dinner, we imagined making our own butter from scratch using the freshest organic ingredients - creating flavors both classic and unexpected - and delivering them to restaurants and homes across Tennessee and, eventually, across the United States.

And that’s how it all began - from a whimsical pit stop for a bite to eat to the idea of making our own naturally healthy and delicious butters! 

 The Chattanooga Butter Company - Buy Honey Cinnamon Butter!

Our Promise

At a time where Americans are literally eating themselves to an early grave, the real health food movement is thriving and is - thankfully - making a difference in the overall health and wellness of consumers.

Our US food regulatory organizations are becoming more heavily influenced by industrialized corporate influence and politics than they are the health and well-being of the citizens they represent, meaning the consumers have to do the research themselves! Finding hormone-free foods can be quite difficult, which is why we only use grass-fed butters and the finest organically produced ingredients. Our farmers do things the old fashioned way. They raise cows fed on large grassy pastures and care for their animals properly. It's an important difference you can both taste and feel.

The Chattanooga Butter Company was founded to help fill a void of healthy, organic, and naturally made food products that we would be proud to give to friends and family, and confidently consume ourselves. We want to show others that they don’t have to sacrifice taste, convenience, and a wonderful food experience for healthy, affordable foods.

This is a better butter! Better tasting and better for your health.

Our Local Flavor

As Chattanoogans, we do our best to capture the true taste of our beloved hometown. From whole, cultured, grass-fed butter cream and country strawberries to the appreciation of a glass of brandy on a late spring evening, when the lilacs first come into bloom and the days get a little bit longer. 

Food with simplicity, food with flavor and a healthy dose of Chattanooga pride. Here's to making your meals more memorable!