The Chattanooga Butter Company - Buy Artisan Butter Spreads!

Mission Statement

The Chattanooga Butter Company is a small, veteran-owned business with big dreams and aspirations! We don't conform to the unwritten standard of sacrificing your personal health for massive quantities, long shelf life, and a lower price, found in most American big-box supermarkets today. We use only the finest ingredients in our products, including 100% pure butter cream from grass-fed dairy, as well as coconut oil, and other local, non GMO (where possible,) ingredients. From professional chefs in upscale commercial kitchens, to health food supermarkets, to the family dinner table, we offer a variety of products to serve everyone. Our homemade butter spreads are best known for their uniquely distinguished sweet and savory palates, created with real organic fruits and spices! The Chattanooga Butter Company is wholly committed to producing healthy, great tasting, artisan compound butter spreads!

Company Bio's

Matt V has an awful case of ADD, which seems to have played out nicely for our customers... He'll never be happy with just one or two flavors to choose from! If he were backed into a corner, and forced to choose, his two favorite spreads would be the Honey and Cinnamon and the Brandy Soaked Bordeaux Cherry spreads. His favorite meal is beef brisket served over whipped potatoes and haricot verts, from Easy Bistro & Bar, on Broad Street, downtown Chattanooga. Though The Chattanooga Butter Company has gained an overwhelmingly enthusiastic following, and is quickly becoming a full time labor of love, Matt continues to maintain his career as a substation electrician. His idea of an ideal off-day would be spent on the lake, riding jet ski's with a few friends – early in the morning, when there is no wake – and while everyone else is still home asleep!

Additional Bio's Still To Come!

Emily, Tabitha, Jo, Jesse, Emma H, Rachel, Emma O, Nancy, Samantha, Matt H. 

Our Future Is In Your Hands!

Everyone within The Chattanooga Butter family is ecstatic about this endeavor! What we all have in common is a love for healthy foods, family, friendship, and easy Southern Living. To be able to roll all that we hold dear into an actual business has become a dream come true. Thank you for helping to make this happen!