Recycle Your Butter Jars & Earn Free Butter!

Recycle Your Jars & Earn Free Butter!

After speaking with many of our loyal customers, we've heard you, and have decided to take action! We've realized that we've been missing a great opportunity to help you acquire more great tasting butter, help de-clutter our landfills, and help ourselves by reusing our own glass jars. So we're implementing a new recycling program! We already recycle the bulk of our production waste, but how can we get our customers involved as well?

Why not give them an incentive to reuse all of those old butter jars, instead of throwing them out and taking up space in a landfill? We have to sterilize our jars when they're purchased anyhow!

Any 4oz or 12oz empty, cleaned jars (minus the lids,) brought back to local participating stores can be exchanged for free jars of butter!

For every 4 large 12oz empty jars, or for every 5 small 4oz empty jars, you can earn a free 4oz small jar of Chattanooga Butter! So in other words, if you've bought a small sampler pack, 5 of those 6 jars are already good for an additional free butter!

Consider it our way of saying thanks for helping the environment!

To Redeem Your Free Jar of Butter, Simply Take Your Empty Jars to One of Our Local Participating Partner Stores Below!

1870 Dayton Boulevard, Chattanooga, TN 37405

(Located between Radio Shack and Wendy's, on Dayton Boulevard)

304 County Road 110, Athens, TN 37303