Where to Buy Healthy Butter – 6 Reasons to Eat More Grass-Fed Butter!

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Are you wondering where to buy healthy butter? Perhaps you are simply looking for ideas on how you can use butter in ways which are a little more adventurous than simply being spread on toast? Whatever your reasons, you’ve certainly come to the right place, as we most certainly know our butters! Natural butters are incredibly simple at their core, yet it is this simplicity which is considered to be the key to their popularity. Butter has been used for centuries, in cultures all over the globe, and it is actually once again gaining popularity when compared with processed, oil based, hydrogenized spreads which are packed full of chemicals and artificial ingredients, intended to make them last longer, at the expense of your personal short and long-term health. But just what is it about butter that makes us go crazy for it, and why are experts calling for us to eat more of it (within reason, of course)? Well, let’s help get to the bottom of this, as we look at a few of the main reasons to incorporate more real butter into our diet.

Butter is Healthy – The number of people looking to find where to buy healthy butter is now higher than ever as people are finally hearing all about the many health properties associated with real butter. Butter, especially grass-fed butter, is incredibly healthy as it is completely natural, and contains nothing fake or artificial. Butter is also a great source of calcium, heart healthy monounsaturated fats, and is even rich in fat soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, K, and E.

It is Perfect for Cooking – People often wonder where to find artisan butter, due to the fact that artisan butters taste fantastic, and are great for cooking. Although butter is rich in saturated fat, the saturated fats are completely natural and are animal-based, making them very good for you, just like the fats found in coconut oil. These fats are actually a great deal more stable than other spreads, and even some oils, because they do not oxidize when exposed to heat, as some other fats do. It has a naturally high smoking point so can handle high temperatures, plus it works very well with other oils, making it great for frying and baking.

Mixes Great With Other Ingredients – Another reason why so many people are looking for answers as to where to buy flavored butter, is down to the fact that flavored butter, if done correctly, tastes absolutely divine. Whether it is our sweet tea butter, honey and cinnamon butter, strawberry butter, candied bacon butter, roasted garlic butter, or any other flavored butter, when used correctly, the added flavor profiles will add yet another dimension to compliment any family dinner. These butters taste absolutely fantastic, and when paired with exciting new foods, the end results will speak for themselves, as do many of our previous and existing customers! Our organic, roasted garlic butter spread generously on a dinner roll will add a whole new dimension to the meal, and will leave you wanting more.

Great Source of CLA – CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is a natural fat source that provides powerful antioxidant-like benefits for the human body, helping to improve organ function and to protect against illness and disease. Real butter, especially grass-fed, is full of CLA, which is another reason why natural butters are now considered to be so healthy.

Affordable – Many health-oriented foods nowadays have a high premium applied, but with artisan butters, including our flavored varieties, you get an inexpensive and affordable product that would not look out of place at a royal banquet. A typical 4oz jar will cost you, on average, around five bucks, and when you consider how many servings you will get from a single jar, alongside the fact that we use only premium, natural ingredients, that works out to a truly incredible value for your money.

Simple to Store – Butter is simple to store and it keeps for a relatively long period of time. A natural salted butter can be kept at room temperature where, providing it is not too hot, it will go slightly soft, but that is all. Our coconut oil-blended butters keep better outside of the fridge as coconut oil remains in a solid state at temperatures up to 76 degrees F, or 24 degrees C. You can even freeze your butter, as this will allow your butter to maintain a much longer shelf life. All of our butter spreads will last two years or more in the freezer!

For more cooking ideas or nutritional health tips, please be sure to check out more of our blog articles below, and read over our FAQ page! We love to update this with our customers’ latest cooking ideas!

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