What to Know Before Creating a Healthy Meal Plan

Taking on the unhealthy eating habits of your society can be a daunting task. So don’t make any rookie mistakes! As you go about forming a healthy meal plan that is perfect for you and your family, you’re going to want to avoid the most common pitfalls.

When You Eat is Critical

That’s right – it’s not all about exercise and a good diet! You may be surprised to learn that the timing of your meals can make a significant difference in how your body goes about digesting. Your metabolic rates will rise and fall according to certain times of the day. You’re going to want to make sure to have a well-rounded breakfast (since that’s when your metabolism is most active, before it slows down as the day goes on). Make sure to not go more than four hours between meals, snacking on fruits during the interim if you have to. Make sure not to eat past 10 p.m.

Not All Protein is Created Equal

Protein is absolutely essential to any well-rounded diet. The scientific benefits are clear: it maintains muscle mass and helps your body function smoothly. But when planning for sources of protein, you need to make sure you pick only the unproblematic options. Fatty processed meats are less healthy than lean meats like salmon and chicken breast. Even if it isn’t processed, consuming red meat on a frequent basis for years can lead to heart disease and other medical issues. Consider non-meat protein sources, like yogurt, peanut butter, beans, nuts, and tofu. Make sure you always get a rich variety of nutritional sources instead of relying on one or two.

Inconvenience Can Be Killer

The primary reason that most people don’t eat healthier is that it simply takes too much energy. After all, you have to plan your meals carefully, spend more money than you would otherwise in order to get healthy ingredients, and then spend time cooking. This can be exhausting for those who are not used to healthy eating. This can quickly become an enticing reason for you to quit. Instead, look for ways early-on to make the process easier. Meal prepping can be a lifesaver – making a large amount of food in a couple of hours, and then packaging and refrigerating it throughout the week as a way to save time for future you.

Sticking to the healthy side of things sure isn’t easy. But you definitely will see meaningful results, especially if you work hard to stick with it for months or years. If you have a new family, it’s important to create healthy habits for kids sooner rather than later – and they will thank you for it down the road.

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