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The term sous vide is French, and if translated literally means ‘under vacuum’. While it may seem like an advanced method of cooking, sous vide is easy to master, especially if you own a vacuum sealer, and results in deliciously cooked food. Another benefit is that many sous vide dishes can be prepared ahead of time, ready to cook using this method saving you valuable time.

The sous vide cooking method is quite simple. You can use a bag, preferably using a vacuum sealer, to prepare the mean you want to prepare. You then submerge the entire pouch into a water bath cooking it to a specific temperature.

How it works

Water circulates in your pot keeping an even temperature, which avoids any cool spots or temperature fluctuations. Because the temperature is consistent and cooking occurs from all directions around your food (not just the bottom), your dish comes out evenly and perfectly cooked, ready to enjoy.

What do I need to start sous vide cooking?

Many different tools are available to achieve perfect sous vide dishes, most of which you may already have in your kitchen, or are easily accessible. From entire sous vide pots, to accessories which can be "clipped onto" your existing cookware, or even using a high-quality, accurate cooking thermometer and stirring of the water, this cooking method produces delicious dishes which are never overcooked.

How can it never overcook?

Foods are cooked using a water bath set to a precise temperature. Meaning, the water is the temperature you want your food. With that level of temperature control, your foods won't overcook!

Can I sous vide meats from frozen?

Yes! Most sous vide recipes advise adding approximately 30-minutes to allow for thawing during the cooking process. that time could vary given the meat thickness and size, so make sure to check your recipe.

What about seasoning or marinades?

Season the meat or put your marinade in the pouch with the meat. It cooks together, producing your favorite seasoned dish. Be sure to add any butter to your dish after the sous vide cooking to ensure the best flavor!

Besides the benefits of, for example, a perfectly cooked steak, many love using sous vide cooking to prepare meals ahead of time which can be sealed and stored using their vacuum sealer, and then pulled out and prepared on a busy weeknight. All the delicious and healthy benefits of a home-cooked meal, with much less of the time and work involved.

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