The Miracle Of Adding Ginseng To Your Diet

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Ginseng is a flowering plant that has been implemented as a health supplement for ages throughout the world. Ginseng supplementation has many benefits, including more mental stamina, a better mood, a strong immune system, and even increased physical endurance. Its scientific classification of Panax in Greek translates roughly to “universal healing.” Throughout history, cultures in both Asia and the Americas have used ginseng as an herbal supplementation in order to alleviate symptoms of pain and chronic illness in addition to promoting recovery. Though an ancient herbal remedy, people today continue to find that many supplements add ginseng because of its health benefits. The following post explains the transformative properties of ginseng and why it's important to add this herbal wonder to your diet.

Improved Mood and Cognitive Function

Research has suggested that supplementation with ginseng has the capacity to regulate mood and sharpen thinking. Higher doses of ginseng have been determined to alleviate stress responses, lessen prolonged anxiety, and combat depression. Investigations of ginseng have also concluded that the supplement stimulates neurological activity and improves mental processes such as thinking, concentration, and memory. It has even been tested on patients with Alzheimer’s disease, and results have indicated improved performance and lucid brain function in these individuals. However it should be noted that ginseng is not a replacement for prescription medication for diagnosed mental health disorders, only a helpful addition to professional treatment.

Fight Inflammation

Traditional uses of ginseng in ancient Chinese civilization were to relax and alleviate muscle pain and tension. Studies have shown that ginseng can be a potent supplement for treating both acute and chronic inflammation. What’s more, tests using ginseng among cancer patients have indicated that it has helped alleviate pain in patients recovering from chemotherapy. When taken regularly, ginseng can also help prevent irritation of myofascial tissue, thus preventing muscle knots and body aches.

Increased Weight Loss and Stamina

Ginseng has long been associated as an energy booster and a supplement to improve physical endurance. Studies have shown that ginseng can reduce fatigue and promote sustained energy throughout the day. Marathon runners and endurance athletes can also take advantage of ginseng’s capacity to improve lung function. Supplementing with ginseng also boosts metabolic processes, decreasing appetite while stimulating the body to burn fats more efficiently.

Tests have even been performed to evaluate the effect of ginseng on sexual dysfunction and intimacy problems. These tests have indicated that supplementing with ginseng, especially in men, provides a surge of energy to the central nervous system that stimulates hormone production. A boost in hormone production translates to higher sexual arousal, fewer incidences of erectile dysfunction, and increased virility.

Immunological and Preventative Care Benefits

Research has shown that routine supplementation with ginseng can help improve the immune system and provide increased defenses against infections and diseases. All parts of the ginseng plant have been used to keep the body’s defense systems in check. Ginseng has also been evaluated for its antiviral properties and potential to prevent the growth of common pathogens like the flu.

For cancer patients, ginseng can prevent growth and spreading of tumors. What’s more, the herbal remedy promotes T cell and NK cell production. These are the cells that naturally attack and kill cancer in the body. Even people with diabetes or blood sugar problems can rely on ginseng for its metabolic regulation to increase pancreatic function and levels of glucose in the blood.

Other Effects

In addition to its aforementioned benefits, ginseng continues to be studied for its numerous health effects. For both alcoholics and those who occasionally feel the repercussions of heavy drinking, ginseng can stimulate liver enzymes that assist in breaking down alcohol. As a result, it encourages quicker recovery time as well as relief from a hangover.

Ginseng also continues to be used to treat general aches and pains as an alternative to acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Women suffering from menstrual cramps have even sought out ginseng as a method for pain relief. Overall, ginseng can prevent premature aging by maintaining the skin, hair, and heart in good health, promoting a more graceful transition into older age.

In total, the health benefits of ginseng are difficult to place in just one category. Consequently, this herbal remedy really does live up to its name as a universal healer because there is no direct target audience. Ginseng is a useful supplement for the body and mind, and studies have shown that it specifically can aid in preventing infection, recovering from illness, and improving physical and mental stamina.

Ginseng root and leaf extracts are available in both pill and liquid forms. In addition, the herb can be found ground up as a spice and as a flavor additive for both foods and beverages. If you are struggling with illness or seeking preventative medicine, try out ginseng for a couple of months to feel its full health effects. Adding ginseng to your diet can work miracles.

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