Safety Tips for Cooking With Your Children

Teaching children to cook from a young age can help them become very independent and self-sufficient. Even a very young child can help with some kitchen tasks. As a child gets older, they can learn how to work the stovetop or oven. If you’re working with your children in the kitchen, make sure that you’re teaching age-appropriate duties. Here are also some safety tips that you can utilize.


It’s very easy to become distracted in the kitchen. According to Just Mommies, children should never be left to cook alone. When there are high temperatures present, your child needs to be aware of how to stay safe. Teaching your child to clear the area when opening the oven will help keep everyone safe. Potholders can protect little hands from excessive heat. The stovetop also poses some dangers. It’s ideal for a child to be paying close attention to what they’re doing in the kitchen. When cooking with a gas stove, very young children should be kept far away from this area. This will prevent them from setting something on fire or burning themselves. It is also important that your child understands how to use a fire extinguisher.

Sharp Objects

According to Flora Stuart, it’s important to carefully supervise the use of scissors and knives. Make sure they are only being used by children who are old enough to use them, and store them out of reach when not in use. Age appropriate tools and jobs can ensure that everyone is staying safe. There are some kid-friendly products that you can buy in order to allow your child to help without hurting themselves.


It’s important that children understand the importance of being very clean and careful while working in the kitchen. Before starting to cook, washing one’s hands is a very important way to prevent passing along germs through food contact. It’s also important to clean the kitchen area after working with raw meat. Otherwise, this could promote a very unhealthy environment that will lead to something dangerous, unhealthy and unpleasant like food poisoning.

Before starting to cook with children, it’s a good idea to have a conversation about what is expected in the kitchen. This can include what will be prepared, but this can also include the various safety tips that should be utilized to keep everyone safe. If questions arise during the process of cooking, it’s better to stop and ask rather than do something that could be unsafe.

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