Protecting Your Pantry: How to Prevent Pests From Purloining Your Provisions

Having pests in your pantry is not only frustrating but it also often means you have to throw away food and waste your hard-earned money. If you've found pests in your pantry, you may need to call in a professional to get rid of them if it's a serious infestation. Once the pests are gone, you can use the following ideas to prevent pests from getting back into your pantry in the future.

Purge the Pad

One of the best ways to keep pests out of the pantry is to reduce the number of pests outside your home. According to Preventive Pest Control, removing and cleaning areas near your residence that may become homes to pests can discourage them from becoming backyard neighbors. Keeping your yard neat and tidy will deter many pests from nesting in the area. It's also helpful to use a professional service to complete some preventative pest control as an added precaution.

Prevent Passage

Keeping pests out of your pantry can be tricky. The best way is to deal with any suspects immediately before they make their way to your food. Non-chemical sticky traps, which are safe for use around kids and pets, can be used in areas where pests are spotted. It's also helpful to invest in some airtight containers to keep your foods in. According to Vacuum Saver, these containers can block out oxygen and moisture from ruining food. These containers may be pricey upfront, but they often pay for themselves in the long run as they greatly reduce food waste. Baskets and bins can be used to corral loose items, which also makes it easier to keep your pantry spotless.

Keep It Pristine

A clean pantry is no fun for pests. By keeping your pantry free of crumbs and debris you significantly decrease the smells that draw pests to your food. A handheld vacuum is one of the best ways to clean up crumbs in drawers and on shelves. Scrub down everything with a multipurpose spray to remove any sticky food residue and food odors. Keep cleaning items nearby to encourage everyone in the family to clean up spills immediately.

Seeing insects or mice in your food pantry can be alarming. The best way to prevent this from happening is to be fastidious in keeping your pantry clean and organized. It's also helpful to keep your pantry food in airtight containers and always clean up spills to prevent attracting pests to your pantry.

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