Nutrient-Rich Food Groups You Need in Your Diet

Your body is a living, breathing organism that you need to take care of and fuel properly. It is by giving your body the right nourishment and nutrients that you are able to keep your body operating smoothly, remain injury free, and remain happy and healthy for your entire life. This all starts with ensuring that we are eating a diverse and healthy diet that is rich in nutrients that our bodies need. Here are three nutrient-rich food groups that you should include more in your diet for a healthy body and mind.


The first nutrient-rich food group that you need more of in your diet is seafood. Many people overlook the benefits of including seafood in their diet, particularly meat eaters who view fish and seafood as something for other people. The truth is that fish and seafood are some of the healthiest, leanest, and most nutritious protein sources on the planet. Seafood is full of omega-3 fats which are great for you, and are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium vitamin D, vitamin B2, and so many others. You should try to eat fish two or three times per week to enjoy the benefits.

Green Vegetables

Another crucial nutrient-rich food group that you should include in your diet is green vegetables. Vegetables are one of the most avoided but most crucial food groups for the human body. Leafy green vegetables are high in calcium and other vital nutrients. Leafy greens are also incredibly low calorie, and are a great source of plant fiber, which your body needs for proper digestive health. Not to mention that leafy greens are a great source of many vitamins and minerals and provide antioxidants to keep your body running healthily for the long term.


The final nutrient-rich food group that you should absolutely include in your diet is a healthy mix of fruits. Fruits provide healthy, natural sugars and carbohydrates to fuel your body, as well as fiber and all sorts of vitamins and minerals. Fruits tend to be high in Vitamin C, which is essential for many aspects of health. You should be eating two to three servings of fruit per day to fully enjoy the benefits of eating fruit in your diet. A great way to do this is a fruit salad or smoothie in the morning, or a post workout snack of fruit.

Your diet is one of your most crucial tools to maintain your health. You need to make sure that you are choosing nutrient-rich foods to make up the majority of your diet. If you aren’t including these three nutrient-rich food groups in your diet, you should reevaluate to ensure you are keeping your health protected.

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