How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Your kitchen should be the cleanest room in your home. Because you prepare food in that area, it’s important to keep it clean and disinfected. However, there are a lot of factors that go into keeping your kitchen clean, and it can be very tempting to just ignore the mess. Try these tips to help keep your kitchen clean.

Do a Deep Clean Regularly

For a busy adult, keeping your kitchen clean can feel impossibly complex and difficult. It is easiest to keep your kitchen clean when you only have to do some minor cleaning every day. To make your kitchen easier to clean on a regular basis, take one day per week to deep clean your kitchen. This is when you’ll dust, wipe down appliances, clean out your fridge and pantry, etc. This sets you up with a clean kitchen that you’ll only have to maintain throughout the week. This also keeps your home smelling good, and makes it easier to see the food you have available and minimize your food waste.

Clean After Cooking

The biggest messes you’ll make in your kitchen come from cooking. With all the food preparation and appliances you’re using, it’s natural to make a bit of a mess. The issue comes, however, when that mess isn’t immediately cleaned up. Food scraps left out in your kitchen can attract mice and bugs into your home. Cleaning up right after cooking helps prevent pests issues. I know it’s difficult to muster the energy after you just cooked a meal, but doing a quick clean up can save you from bigger issues. It can also be helpful to clean up as you go, and put ingredients away as soon as you’re done with them.

Stay Organized

Having a functioning kitchen takes a lot of equipment. Between appliances and food items, there’s a lot that can clutter up your kitchen. Keeping your kitchen organized can make it much easier to clean. If everything has a designated place, it’s quick and easy to put things away. This also means you may have to get rid of some items you haven’t used in a while. It’s difficult to get rid of things, but it makes it so much easier to maintain a clean space if you have less possessions cluttering it up. 

Maintaining a clean kitchen can make your home feel much more welcoming. A clean kitchen makes the rest of your home feel cleaner as well. However, it can feel impossible to know where to start in having a consistently clean kitchen. Use these tips, and your kitchen will stay clean.

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