Can Healthy Eating Help Me Get the Job?

We all know that eating healthy improves almost everything in our lives, but can it have a direct effect on our chances of landing a job? You’ll find that factors such as an attractive appearance, mental acuity and even your blood pressure can make or break you in the job search. All of these factors can be improved by eating healthy and, in turn, may improve your likelihood of getting your dream career.

Eating Healthy Makes You More Attractive

People don’t always like to hear this, but everyone is judged by their physical appearance, and this is especially true in the job market. Attractive people are viewed as being kinder, smarter, more competent and a myriad of other positive qualities. This phenomenon is aptly named “the halo effect,” and it is prevalent in the hiring process. While this may, unfortunately, result in less qualified applicants getting a great job due to their appearance, you can take advantage of this effect by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Some Jobs Require Physicals

Eating healthy isn’t just about looking good for the interviewer, however. Some jobs require a certain standard of health in order to do the job successfully. These jobs include truck driver (the DOT physical), pilot (FAA medical exam), warehouse technician (standard physical), and more. These physical examinations test a combination of health parameters such as blood pressure, pulse rate, urine content and strength which are all affected by diet choices. 

Eating food rich in potassium helps to regulate blood pressure. Eating healthy proteins like chicken and turkey can help to build and maintain muscles which, alongside a strength-training regimen, can improve your chances of passing any warehouse physical ability testing.

Eating Healthy Improves Mental Fitness for Interviewing

You definitely don’t want insecurities about your body to affect your attitude or cloud your mind as you speak with the hiring manager. A variety of factors are at play when improving your mental fitness before an interview. Consuming brain-healthy foods, such as salmon, walnuts, and blueberries improve your focus and alertness, which are very important in a successful interview. A healthy physique and positive body image improve confidence levels, and self-confidence is the key to really selling yourself and getting the job.

There are obviously no downsides to eating a healthy diet, but sometimes we need the right motivation to get around to doing it. Do you feel like you’re in the best position to interview for the career of your dreams at this moment? If not, let this article be the catalyst to your journey in self-improvement and landing your dream job.

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