7 Tips to Make Your Peanut Butter-Based Dishes Look Great

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We've all stood over the kitchen counter plopping food onto plates for the family. We've sighed because it didn't look as pretty as the plates do on those cable TV food shows. We make a stab at drizzling something colorful on the plate before we stack the pork chop against a mound of mashed potatoes. Then we see the family mush it all up as they dig in.

Do you want the family to compliment you on your artistry and your trendy dishes at dinner? We know you're tired from a long day's work. You just want to dish it up and eat. However, making your healthy peanut butter based (or other butter-based, for those of you with allergies) dishes such as Tofu Pizza with Spicy Peanut Drizzle that often looks professionally done by a chef aren’t too hard to execute. All you need is five minutes and a little focus. Here's how.

1. Arrange the Plate as if Photographing It

Cover the plate from edge to edge with peanut butter egg rolls. All you need is four bananas cut into thirds, egg roll wrappers, peanut butter, and 12 slices of bacon cut in half. When the family sees these fantastic egg rolls drizzled with chocolate and peanut butter filling the plate, it will be pretty as a picture.

2. On a Diet? Fat Bombs to the Rescue!

Americans are going nuts, pardon the pun, over the keto diet. Even if you're not on a diet of any kind, these fat bombs are, well, the bomb. Fat bombs are low in carbs, high in healthy fats, and kick you into ketosis. However, they're good any time, diet or no. All you need is coconut oil, cream cheese, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.

3. It's About Angles

Just piling food in the middle of the plate looks ordinary. Instead, try placing foods at an angle. Much like a diabetic dish, put the protein at the bottom of the plate. Around it, set the carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, or rice. Next, put the vegetables until the dish looks like the numbers on a clock. The plate will look colorful and balanced.

4. Is It Tall?

When you're plating dinner, be different. You've placed your carbohydrates. Now stack something against it or on top it. Let's say you're doing roasted chicken. Take it off the bone. Criss-cross the chicken atop the carbohydrates. Layer some asparagus over that. Top it off with a white sauce with turmeric added to it to give it a curry flavor. You can play with height in other ways. Make a mound of carbohydrates such as rice or potatoes. Make it the focal point of the dish. Stack other foods against it or float them around it as if it were an island.

5. Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Night

Don't feel like cooking? Jazz up an old favorite by trying this peanut butter and tomato soup recipe. The family will be entranced with the curry flavor. They'll love the peanuts floating in the soup.

6. Have You Ever Wanted to Feel Like Picasso?

We discussed color and texture above. Do you feel like getting nutty? Make a chicken marinade with peanut butter, coconut milk, Greek yogurt, lime juice, and spices. A few cut up chicken breasts with apricots on skewers, the marinade with a little left over for a dip, and you'll have a meal worthy of a painting.

7. A Little Extra

Do you love a buffet? Have you noticed the food placed atop a bed of curly green lettuce or kale? The contrasting colors look beautiful, and the food tastes incredible. Try setting a bed of fried rice or curly green lettuces with perhaps salmon, steak, or lamb chops atop it. The family will love the appearance of the food. They'll thank you and appreciate your artistry. To make these pop, add peanuts.

Any of your dinner ideas can be turned into trendy dishes. Peanut butter dishes are all the rage today due to keto and paleo diets. It's all natural and adds flavor and body to dishes such as Thai Cauliflower Rice Salad With Peanut Butter Sauce. These dishes are easy to make, but their saving grace is they're different. The family will love the change.

Life today is hectic. You don't always have time to sit down to eat, much less plate dinner like a professional chef. These seven tips, though, are quick, easy, and will make you into a pro yourself.

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