3 Energy-Boosting Snack Recipes to Munch on Throughout Your Day

If you're constantly on the go, then you know that three main meals aren't enough to carry you through an entire day. It's not only nice, but often ideal, to be able to snack on something between breakfast and lunch or other times when you feel that inevitable crash. Here are a collection of three nutritious snacks easy to eat while on the go that pack lots of energy.

Homemade Chunky Paleo Granola with Clusters

The most difficult part of this granola is 20 minutes of baking and waiting half an hour for it to cool before you can munch on it. Mainly comprised of three types of nuts, it's an excellent source of protein, fiber, and minerals like manganese and copper. Almonds provide the most calcium of any nut and are high in magnesium and Vitamin E. They may help control cholesterol levels and protect you from heart disease too. Walnuts have a rich composition of omega 3 fatty acids and phytosterols, which all benefit the heart and may help prevent certain cancers. Finally, pecans contain omega 3 fatty acids and beta-sitosterol, which is good for prostate health. Wrap this treat up with unsweetened coconut and a natural sweetener like maple syrup, and you have additional antioxidants, fiber, unique medium-chain fatty acids, and B vitamins like riboflavin.

Sea Buckthorn Energy Balls

These energy-boosting balls, convenient alternatives to energy drinks, supply a wallop of nutritional value in every bite. You don't even have to cook them! Raw cashews with minerals like magnesium and zinc and monounsaturated fatty acids help moderate cholesterol levels, support muscles, and maintain healthy blood vessels. Erbology details the benefits of sea buckthorn: “sea buckthorn contains over 100% of our daily vitamin A recommendation and 300mg of the rare omega-7s.” Omega 7 fatty acids lubricate mucous membranes, regulate digestive acidity, and support collagen. Raisins and hemp seed add energy, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, hemp seeds provide all essential amino acids as well as omega 3 fatty acids. A little maca powder provides an additional energy boost, and a pinch of sea salt gives you some essential minerals.

Chocolate Energy Bars

Made with dates, raw cashews, almonds, unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut oil, cayenne pepper, and cold espresso, these bars are sensational packages of energy and nutritional value. Take away the sugar in cocoa powder and you're left with the potent antioxidant class polyphenols, which reduce inflammation and possibly lower blood pressure. Dates are natural sweeteners and bring a wealth of fiber. They also have iron, magnesium, and potassium. Medium-chain fatty acids in virgin coconut oils provide quick energy and raise good cholesterol, according to Medical Daily. Both coconut and cocoa may benefit brain activity. Finally, both espresso and cayenne pepper boost energy and metabolism. The peppers can lower blood pressure, and the espresso has beneficial antioxidants.

A healthy way to maintain energy for a challenging day-to-day schedule is to have a few homemade energy-boosting snacks ready to go. Preparing your own snacks ensures clean eating, making sure no harmful chemicals or preservatives may be in your food.
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