From Scratch, From Love

We're all guilty of reaching for foods of convenience - bagged foods, salty foods, crunchy foods, frozen foods. Canned soup, granola bars, those cookies that we crave. 

They now make really great versions of convenience foods. Whole food bars, organic chips, all-natural cookies, gourmet frozen meals rich with nutrients.

These easy foods, while better versions of the processed grab-and-go alternatives, are still compromised in the manufacturing process. They still tend a little high in sodium and carbs. Good in a pinch, but not for consumption at every meal.

Health benefits (or lack thereof) aside, making food from scratch as opposed to reaching for something quick and easy is good for the soul! It's a labor of love. 

We put this love into our butters and spreads, enjoying the pride that comes from serving something awesome to friends, family members and now...YOU! 

We encourage you to handwrite family recipes on weathered, yellow cards; to cook with your kids; to enjoy dinners by candlelight. Something happens when we pick the berries, wash them by hand and bake them - from scratch - into morning muffins. Getting your hands dirty feels GOOD. Using your kitchen is satisfying. And knowing where your food comes from matters. 

Here's to love, from scratch, from our kitchen to yours. 

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