For the Love of Popcorn!

Movies and popcorn. Practically as synonymous as peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper. 

Most of us rarely partake in one without the other. It's a thing. 

Popcorn alone is a pretty healthy snack - fiber rich with a ton of "bang for your buck." Think about it. From one little handful of kernels comes a big bowl of all-natural snack food that's light and airy and satisfying. 

But movie theater popcorn WITH the extra butter - well, we've all heard the horror stories there. That a large bucket contains the same amount of fat as 4 Quarter Pounders (with cheese). That it's more than your daily recommended caloric intake (before the accompanying large soda). That it's full of carcinogens and will make you grow three heads! 

You get the picture. 

While we believe that the occasional trip to the "Butter Topping" dispenser is harmless enough, in moderation, we also believe in REAL FOOD and take issue with the misuse of the word butter! And it's not the amount of fat in movie theater topping that concerns us as much as the source. We're talking hydrogenated soybean oil, chemicals, preservatives and something mysterious called "buttery flavor." While some theaters still use real butter, most go with this pumped out, semi-gelatinous STUFF that also happens to be radioactive-yellow in color. Ever notice how you feel when you eat this stuff? Nauseated (so you don't want dinner) but not satisfied either... 

Try instead - air popped corn with one of our yummy signature flavored butter blends drizzled on top. We're thinking Honey Cinnamon and Sriracha Scallion would be pretty awesome. And the Roasted Garlic could go well with other spices and Parmesan cheese. For your home theater, couch or (shhh) smuggled in to the local multiplex in Ziploc bags. 

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