Nobody Wants to Eat Butter Gone Bad

Let's talk dairy science, hot sauce and expiration dates! 

To ensure freshness, we send our butters (by 2-Day Priority Mail) straight from the freezer, alongside a cold pack, and packed inside a thermally insulated pouch. Because we keep selling out, no butter stays in our freezer for very long! 

Because real milk has naturally occurring bacteria, it will eventually go bad. However, it also has good bacteria (not killed in any crazy industrialized process) which works to the advantage of the shelf-life. Smell it, as you would any dairy product. You'll know!

All of that said, you can freeze our butters for 6 to 9 months (for best quality) and even a little longer safely. In the fridge, it'll stay fresh for about two months. On the countertop, it will keep for 2 to 4 weeks. 

There's an exception to these rules...

The Sriracha Butter keeps in the fridge for 4 months or more! This is because of the hot peppers, which also contain acidic vitamin C, often used as a preservative. Sriracha also contains vinegar, used to preserve hot sauces and ketchup! 

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