Just a Spoonful of Butter...

Though none of our sources agreed to go public with their confessions, we have received notice - several times - of folks eating Chattanooga Butters straight out of the jar with a spoon. We're not talking large helpings, like ice cream, but rather an extra little bite after the biscuit's already been devoured. 

You really can't help yourself. These flavors are amazing and because we use pure, natural ingredients, the stuff tastes like real food...like something you'd eat just to eat, muffin or no muffin. It is real food! 100%! 

For various reasons, eating butter a la carte, as a snack is kind of a taboo. And that's fine. We get that. But we also want y'all to know that this is a safe space, where butter is celebrated and where - truly - we also get letters saying that people have LOST weight with the addition of our butter (as the only change) to the diet. Because we don't have the scientific research to back us up, we won't be promoting "The Butter Diet" anytime soon...but never say never. 

And so - in the safety of our little butter universe - we encourage spoonfuls of Chattanooga Butters, finger licking and second helpings. Food is to be appreciated, savored and enjoyed...until you are good and satisfied. Enjoyment, pleasure and eating real food is what we're all about.

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