Flavor Spotlight:  Roasted Garlic Butter

One of our two savory cooking blends, this recipe begins with our signature base - humanely (and naturally) sourced butter cream blended with extra virgin coconut oil. Add to that fresh garlic roasted in extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil, and a bit of parsley! Amazing as your new table butter for any family dinner or as your go to seasoning for cooking!

Try this:  Just after removing your seared steak from the grill, put a hearty dollop of our garlic butter right on top for a sizzling flavor punch. 

Baking idea:  Homemade herbed focaccia? Cheddar biscuits? Bake with this butter for extra flavor. You'll want to avoid adding the recipe's called for salt, as this butter is already salted.

For Cooking:  Toss your pasta in this spread before adding your red sauce, or use it as the base for a classic Alfredo or Spaghetti Carbonara. It's also pretty awesome for grilled cheese.

Fun Pairing:  Awesome snack plate - soft baked pretzel, a side of spicy mustard and a side of Roasted Garlic Butter for dipping. Pair with tart apples or grapes. 

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