Buttered Toast:  A Timeline

  • 3000 BC, Sumerian Civilization:  Evidence of dairy cows playing a part of life.
  • 300 BC, Egypt:  Most historians believe that leavened bread started in Egypt. 
  • 300 BC - 1500s:  Slightly singing bread in fire was used as a method of preservation. 
  • 1400 - 1600:  "Toast" refers to bread flavored with onions stewed in oil and beer, used to add flavor drink. Also a spiced version of toast was used for the same purpose. This is the origin of the word "toast" in reference to the tradition of clinking glasses and offering honor. 
  • 1496:  According to The Oxford English Dictionary, this is the first known reference to buttered bread.
  • 1909:  General Electric builds the first in-home toaster.
  • 1919, Minnesota:  Mechanic Charles Strite creates the first easy-to-use pop-up toaster.
  • 1928, Iowa:  Sliced bread is invented and though millions of things have clearly outdone it in terms of "the greatest thing ever," nothing else has overtaken the colloquial honor of being the first best thing. 
  • 1984, American Cinema:  "Toast" first used to describe someone as "in trouble" or "dead" in the movie Ghostbusters
  • 2005, San Francisco area:  Adam and Jamie BUST the myth that toast always falls butter side down. 
  • November 10, 2010:  The band OK Go makes a video with hand inked animation on many, many slices of toast. The 210 loaves used in the making of the video were past expiration date and doomed for disposal. 
  • 2015, Tennessee:  The Chattanooga Butter Company is born. Buttered toast is never the same. Your world is rocked. These flavored butters are the best thing since...well, you know. 


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