Fun With Flavors!

One of the coolest aspects of working with our amazing butters is coming up with fun new uses for them! PLEASE share your favorite Chattanooga Butter Co. recipes and pairings on our Facebook page. We're always looking for new ideas. 

In the meantime, try out some of our favorites combos and concoctions: 

  • Szechuan style green beans with soy sauce, chili flakes and our Sriracha Shallot & Scallion Butter.
  • Blueberry muffins baked WITH Blueberry Butter
  • Apples baked with Honey Cinnamon Butter
  • A tablespoon (or two) of Blackberry Butter in your morning Acai smoothie for extra kick.
  • Sweet Tea Butter on lemon poppyseed bread. 
  • Roasted Garlic Butter melted over your favorite cut of steak.
  • Brandy Soaked Bordeaux Cherry Butter with Sunday morning croissants and mimosas. 

We could go on and on. We love our product and have ever so much fun playing with these flavors. 

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