Fat is Healthy!


One of the craziest fads in the American diet is the onslaught of low-fat and non-fat foods. This really spiked in the early 90s with synthetic non-fat versions of foods typically high in fat - ice creams, cookies, crackers, breads. 

While some lower fat versions of dairy products are still healthy - such as cottage cheese or yogurt made with milk from grass fed cows - the truth is that the body needs fat to run properly. It is fats, not carbs, that give us energy. 

Though fats are a vital part of a balanced diet, not all fats were created equal. Hydrogenated oils are hard to break down and are high in trans fat. Butters and creams made on overcrowded farms from cows fed GMO corn and soy are not optimal for metabolism and health. 

Real, hormone-free creams and milks made from grass fed cows offer many nutrients, as well as the fat the body needs. Coconut oil and olive oil are also very healthy. 

When a body is deprived of calories and fat, blood sugar drops and cravings attack. In a moment of "starvation," a person will tend to reach for a quick fix. If a dieter has been going too low-fat, they will crave something fatty, though not necessarily in the most beneficial form. "Starvation" in this scenario refers to something other than the actual absence of food due to circumstance. It refers to self-deprivation of nutrient-rich foods, fats and calories. In a sense, attempting to reduce weight through strict avoidance or over-modification makes matters worse. 

Good fats are easy to digest, keep you full longer, stave of cravings and in turn help you maintain a balanced weight. 

Look at the popularity of the Bulletproof® Coffee trend - which is MUCH smarter than the non-fat trend of the 90s. It is based on the science of fat and energy, first discovered by the company's founder when he was offered yak butter tea in the mountains of Tibet. The idea is to mix top-quality, mold-free coffee with real grass-fed dairy butter...coconut oil too. It's supposed to give you boundless energy and - yes, through consumption of fat - help you lose weight.

Our products share the same belief that fat is essential and that real, pure foods give us energy. We believe that what we put in our body should taste good as it helps us thrive! We also use real butter made from the milk of grass fed cows...and coconut oil. Makes us wonder how our Honey Cinnamon Butter would taste in coffee! Truth be told, we think our butters go well with everything and provide that crucial nutrient-rich fat that the body needs. 

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