January 2017 Announcements

The Chattanooga Butter Company - Buy Artisan Butter Spreads in Local Retail Stores!

Coming Up For The Chattanooga Butter Company...

1. It's looking like product availability is going to be improving for local Chattanoogans in the near future! We're expanding our available retail stores, bakeries, and restaurants, and we want to keep you all updated on our progress!

Please continue to watch our "Where to Find Us" page for future updates and additions!

2. Also, we're going to be famous! Look for us in an upcoming special TV event hosted on local News Channel 9's "Made in Our Hometown," in the near future! More details on this still to come!

3. We have 3 new flavors on the horizon! While we will be phasing the Pumpkin Spice butter spread out over the next few weeks, you will see some additional flavor options coming in it's place! One will be a Caramel Apple spread, another will be a Vegan option, and the third will be a surprise! Expect to see these additional flavors introduced to our current lineup over the next few months!

Thanks for keeping up with us, and all of your support! We couldn't do it without you!

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